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Whether you’re a hands-on DIYer looking for some expert insight, or a hands-off idea person who wants a full-service media team to make the magic happen, 3Wire is your go-to.


With a little creative consultation, we can help you take that good idea from thought to well-thought-out plan.


Guest booking, producing, and editing, oh my! And then there’s the mixing, and processing, the episode descriptions, and the…you get it. A lot goes into a smooth production and we can plan it out for you, or do it all.


Whether you’re figuring out what gear to use in your home studio, or you want for us to use our own mics, mixers and audio engineers, we’ve got it covered.



If you make great content and no one hears it, does it really make a sound? We’ve got the skinny on everything from live-stream or RSS feeds, to graphics, tags, and social media promotion.

Let’s Talk.

At 3Wire, we can adjust the way we work to fit your project. It is, after all, your project.

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